best romance with personal lubricantsWe all know about sex. Everyone want to do it in his lifetime. Doctor and Health specialist says do your sex properly and satisfactory because sometimes a great sex brings a human in a successful place. A pleasure of sex makes your health and mind strong & healthy. Sex is also an excitement and adventure things. But I saw many couples are breaking up because of unsatisfactory of sex and they are spending a lot of dollars to make their sex life pleasure. I personally make a depth research on it. You can believe me or not a “Personal Lubricants” can help you to remove all of your sexual unsatisfactory and that can bring you pleasure.

Even Doctor and Health specialist suggest you to use it. Personal Lubricants or lube are specially made for the duration of human sexual performance like sexual intercourse and masturbation, to decrease resistance to or between the penis and vagina, anus, or other body parts, or smeared to sex dolls to decrease resistance or affluence in diffusion. Personal lubricant increases your pleasure of sex as per your ways of sex like vaginal sex, oral sex, Anal sex, masturbation, playing with toys and many others. In you will find a proper guideline, which can ensure your safe, healthy and unforgettable sex with the perfect lubricant.

Types of Personal Lubricants

Basically, types of personal lube come in a variety of ways. Here I give you the most popular forms of lube.

Take a Look at Infographic On Which is Best Lubricants for What?  

 info graphics of best personal lube for which sex type

Straight Recommended Number 1 Lube in Market:

1) Number 1 Water Based Lube: Shibari Personal Lubricants

2) Number 1 Silicone Based Lube: Personal Lubricant by Penchant 

3) Number 1 Oil Based Lube: YES Personal Lubricant Oil based Formula

4) Number 1 Flavored Lube: Aloe Cadabra Flavored Lube

Water Based Lubricant:

best personal lubricantsWater based personal lubricant is popular as an individual lubricant that is water dissolvable. We all call it the best personal lubricant. Water-based lube is the most common and the most favorite lubricant in the market. Many people are love to use it. Most water based lube is popular for vaginal sex. There is no risk to using water-based lube in sex toys like the vibrator, dildo, best anal douche, best butt plugs etc and condoms. It is safe for use in toy sex and sex with a condom. There are many reasons, people are choosing water lube as a personal lube. It is easy to clean up. Water-based lube is very good for vaginal irritation, vaginal dryness and also for sensitive skin.

Oil Based Lubricant:

Before as I mention oil based lube is good for massage. For sexual pleasure all time you are not doing the deeper things you need to massage your couples body also. Slow by slow that make your sex pleasure in a high place and that make your sex long lasting. For that oil based lube is the best. Oil based lube is not like water based lube and silicone based lube. Lots of people are using coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil and Vaseline as lube. But on those, they have some arguments. You can check my blog to see those arguments.

Silicone Based Lubricant:

Silicone based lube is the best for anal sex hunter. How are hungry about anal sex they can choose silicone based lubricant without any thought. For anal sex, you need to a little bit careful about that because it’s not the vagina it’s about anus and rectum. but if you are using silicone based lube or any anal lube you do not think about that. Silicone based lubricant is popular for its slipperiness. You can use it in shower or bathtub when you sex in those place. Silicone based lube also popular for long lasting sex. But please careful to use silicone based lube with the latex condom and sex toy. It is not good for that things. Silicone lube made with silicon for this its break latex condom and sex toy.

Personal Lubricants Reviews

By experiencing myself for different types of personal lubricants I am writing here reviews of best types of lube with some leg up and drawbacks. Please check below to get those reviews –

Natural Intimate water based personal lubricant for sensitive skin
Natural Intimate water based personal lubricant for sensitive skin

Our intuition:

Isabel Fay is completely natural water based personal lubricant for those who have sensitive skin. Yes, it’s the best lube for sensitive skin because of it not comprises glycerin and parabens. Also condom safe and you can use with all sorts of toys. It is not stained and you can clean it easily. The big fact is that colorless and odorless. Due to use myself I can say Isabel Fay is slick and long lasting where you will get the pleasure of seventh heaven for the duration of sex. As per Isabel Fay is natural water-based lubricant so you will not feel any side effects when you apply it and use it.

Leg up:

  • Natural water based lube.
  • No side effects, no glycerin and no paraben.
  • Cleans up easily.
  • Colorless and odorless.
  • Long lasting.


  • Some stickiness

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Natural feeling liquid personal lubricants
Natural feeling liquid personal lubricant

Our intuition:

K-Y liquid personal lubricant is a doctor recommended the brand in the USA. Where it will increase your intimacy of sex, assist when women having vaginal dryness for the duration of sex. The most prestigious features of this K-Y liquid personal lubricant are a natural feeling, gentle and it is the water based personal lubricant. Also, it is latex condoms compatible. We can make sure you will not go wrong with this personal lubricant. The feeling to use this lubricant is you will wearing nothing at all while sex.

Leg up:

  • Natural feeling of sex
  • Doctor recommended brand
  • Remove vaginal dryness
  • Increase sexual intimacy
  • Latex condom compatible


  • Messy

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Passion natural water based personal lubricants
Passion natural water based personal lubricant

Our intuition:

When you are thinking to get pick level natural feelings of the sexual moment that time at first you have to think about natural water based lubricant. Where Passion lube will provide you help for easy to use pump and spill proof bottle. Passion water based lubricant is best to use because of glycerin free, petrochemical free and paraben free. All materials are with compatible. You can wash off it after using with water and soap. Passion lube will help you to feel slippery, slick and reduces friction effectively.

Leg up:

  • Easy to use pump
  • Washes of with water and soap
  • Glycerin free
  • Petrochemical free
  • Paraben free


  • Not long lasting
  • Sticky dry

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Some Others Types Of Personal Lube :

Flavored Lubricant:

Nowadays people love to do many ways of sex. Oral sex is the most popular one. Flavored lube is specially made for oral sex lover. You can easily choose any flavored lube as per your tastes. Lots of flavored lube you can find in the market such as strawberry flavor, bacon flavor, cherry flavor, chocolate flavor watermelon flavor, mint flavored. grape flavor. If you want to pleasure your partner with your mouth, you might not feel taste like juices directly but when you use flavored lube your taste like juices directly. I know you want to enhance your oral sex time, you should use flavored lube. Do you want to know more on flavored lube check out our post flavored lubricant?

Warming lubricant:

If you want to enhance your sex time with your couples warming personal lubricants is best for this. The warming lube made with that type of ingredients that promote thermoception that means you tend to feel warm and tingling sensation when you touch your partner skin. This lube creates like natural juices in your body. It will increase your sensation during sex. Many people are think warming lubes can heat up you but its wrong its never heat up. You just feel warming your skin when your partner touches you.

Spermicidal Lubricant:

Many couples do not love to use the condom during their sex time. They also do not want to get pregnant. For this reason, spermicidal lubricant was coming who do not want this thing. This is a great news for that couple. This lubricant specially containing the chemical name is nonxynol-9, which is killing or damaging sperms.

Aloe based Lubricant:

Lots of time many women do not want to use lube because of the risk of vaginal infections and sometimes bigger health issue. Sometimes if you don’t use personal lubricant properly  that can cause big infection. For those, aloe based personal lubricant are best for them. Aloe does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals and this lubricant specially made for health and body.

 Organic Lubricant:

When you see this word Organic I know must understand this lube easily. Your thinking is right this lube made with natural organic ingredients what comes from plant extracts and purified water. This personal lubricant totally harmless for sex. If you have sensitive skin organic lubricant is good for you.

Usage of personal lubricants

1. Sexual action

Best personal lubricants can be utilized to build delight and diminish torment for the duration of sex or different exercises and might be utilized for lubes up the vagina, penis, anus or dildo or other sex dolls before or in the midst of movement. Lubes might be associated to anyone part sought, to within and/or outside of condoms, or to the indicators or extremities. The best personal lubricant is especially valuable for sexual dealings when an accomplice encounters aridness or over the top constriction of the vagina.

2. Masturbation

Despite the fact that most guys produce differing measures of their own lubes, additional personal lubricants is in some cases looked for. There are particular lubes which might be utilized as a part of male masturbation yet are not appropriate for vaginal or anal sex practice or for practice with condoms. Lube that is OK for sex is likewise and OK for masturbation. Masturbation lube is extraordinarily planned to upgrade male masturbation.

3. Medication

Best personal lubes are not rummage-sale to extravagance or antidote any malady or diseases. Bits and pieces cast-off to extravagance or treatment would be viewed as another medication and not fall under the personal lubricant class.

Bottom Line:

Personal lubricants make your sex life more pleasures if you choose it correctly and use it properly. Choose your Lubricants depending of way of sex.

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