My partner and me both are passionate to use lube during sex. But my partner likes to use KY lube and I like to use Astroglide lube. So I think to make research and find out which one is best, Astroglide or KY personal lube? Also I thought to share through writing with people this important information about Astroglide vs KY.

When I thought to write about Astroglide vs KY, I got confused because of both are best known and popular brand of personal lubricant. That’s why I passed a week to research on Astroglide lubricants and KY lubricants, where I found tremendous things to share with you guys. After paying time to research I think to write and share my personal using experience for both of the personal lubricants.

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Astroglide vs KY : which one should I use?

In my mind and also yours having similar question, which can be our good choice between these two personal lubricants? Both of the personal lube brands have long existence. More precisely, Astroglide lubricant has been since 1977 and KY personal lubricant since 1904. No one is the new brands. Since last several decades they are the brands of personal lubricants with strong reputation and recommended to use by the medical practitioners. So, let’s have a quick look of the today’s term Astroglide vs KY.

Astroglide Lubricants

Astroglide personal lubricants were invented to increase intimacy of sex based on water. It is manufactured in California. Daniel Wray invents this Astroglide lubricant for the duration of working on the cooling system of a space shuttle. At first it was invented to eliminate anhydrous ammonia from the cooling system. Astroglide lubricants reaching the wide ranging use of around the world because of ended up organism slippery. This is popular personal lubricant among couples and singles. This Astroglide lube does not encompass fragrances, flavors, or dyes and has to some extent acidic pH. This acidic pH restrains the growing of yeast infections and lack of flavors, dyes inhibits the sensitivity, allergic reactions, pain, and skin irritation. Across the world, so many guys feel that Astroglide lubricants provide long lasting and slicker experience of sex. Yes, it comes because of Astroglide lubricant contains few amount of glycerin.

Pros and Cons of Astroglide Lubricants

Pros Cons
  1. Long lasting performance
  2. Perfect of anal sex
  3. More slick
  4. Well balanced pH
  5. Easy to washes off
  6. Reduce vaginal dryness
  7. No fragrances and dyes
  8. Sex toys and condom compatible
  1. Sometime can cause of ski irritation
  2. Not pick level smooth
  3. Acidic pH

KY Lubricants

KY personal lubricant is manufactured in US since 1904. This is water soluble and water based personal lubricant using to enhance sexual movement. Since last 100 years KY lubricant is the medical practitioners’ recommended sexual lubricant. This KY lubricant does not contain substances which can be cause of yeast infections, skin irritation. So, who have sensitive they can use it with peace mind during sex. As like Astroglide lubricants, it does not comprise dyes, fragrances and perfumes. But it does not comprise acidic which contains by Astroglide. KY lubricants usually need to reapply quickly. But strong things about KY personal lubricant, it is drying more rapidly. During sex need to get the feelings of natural and smooth which KY lubricants provide. It is also non-sticky. I can make sure KY lubricants seemed like a great personal lubricant for surfacing sex and light penetration. It can be your preferred list because of slick feelings and not too thin or thick.

Pros and Cons of KY Lubricants

Pros Cons
  1. Giving slick and smooth experience of sex
  2. Easy to washes off
  3. Reduce vaginal dryness
  4. No dyes and fragrances
  5. Condoms and sex toys compatible
  6. No acidic pH
  7. Perfect for sensitive skin
  8. No irritation
  1. Not long lasting so need to reapply
  2. Not perfect for anal sex



Comparison Table: Astroglide vs KY personal lubricant

Key Points Astroglide lubricants KY lubricants
Ingredients Glycerin, Purified Water, Polyquaternium 15, Propylene Glycol, Propylparaben and Methylparaben Glycerin, Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Gluconolactone, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Sodium Hydroxide and Methylparaben
No. of substances used 6 7
Long lasting performance Astroglide Having long lasting performance in comparison to KY KY Need to reapply (My experience said)
Anal sex Astroglide is my better choice than KY for anal sex because of long lasting performance But also KY lubricants are good anal lube when the point comes about water based best anal lube
Slick From my personal experience Astroglide produced natural body fluid in vagina. I like Astroglide slick texture Where, KY is not having slick texture as like Astroglide
pH Astroglide lubricants slightly having acidic pH But KY does not contain pH
Skin Sensitivity Astroglide contains acidic pH and little bit Glycerin, which can be the cause of skin irritation If your wife having sensitive skin I recommend to use KY lubricants
Smoothness Astroglide lubricant does not provide smooth sex KY lubricants provides smooth experience of sex


Similarities of Astroglide lubricants and KY lubricants

  • Washes off easily: Astroglide and KY, you can wash off easily with plenty water.
  • Water Based: Both are water based lubricants.
  • No Fragrances: Both of the lubes are fragrances free.
  • Vaginal dryness: During sex women suffers for vaginal dryness but these Astroglide and KY personal lubricants remove vaginal dryness.
  • No Dyes: Both of the lubes do not contain color.
  • Non-greasy: Astroglide and KY lubricants both are free of petroleum jelly and absolutely non-greasy.
  • Compatibility: Both of the lubes are compatible with sex toys and condoms.
  • Spermicide: Both are non-spermicide lubricants.

The ultimate outcome of Astroglide vs KY

With my presentation and point of view form my personal using experience? Astroglide contains acidic pH and glycerin which support to get long lasting experience of sex, but it might be the cause of yeast infections. But Astroglide longer lasting feature reduce pain during anal sex as well as vaginal sex.

Where KY is better for vaginal sex than Astroglide. KY lubricants need to reapply but not causes of yeast infections and irritation for who have sensitive skin. Also you can use KY personal lubricants for oral sex. But my choice is Astroglide personal lubricant.

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