When I making my research on personal lubricants. I found thousand time’s people are asking, can I use petroleum jelly as lube. Before explaining, I tell you why people asking thousand times. In winters everyone uses petroleum jelly/Vaseline. So this product you can find almost everyone home. Most of the time couple love to make their sex in their home. They want to make their pleasure sex but many times they face some sexual problem such as virginal dryness and others. So need some slippery things to make that smooth. For that, they search some easy this at their homes such as baby oil, Vaseline, Olive oil etc and they try to use it. This is the main reasons. They don’t know about personal lubricant. Which gives them long-lasting and pleasure sex life.  Know more about Personal Lubricants

Background of Petroleum Jelly

Most of them know about petroleum jelly or Vaseline. This product widely uses in the winter season. This is a health and beauty products. This is an oil based product. Vaseline is made of petroleum and the main goal is too moisturizing feet and chapped lips during winters. But it is not formulated for sexual lubrication. It can be your handy backup instead of lube.

Take a look at advantages of Petroleum Jelly as Lube:

  • Petroleum Jelly does not break down under moist conditions because of it is so hydrophobic
  • Some of the users said Petroleum Jelly provides unique feelings of sex
  • Petroleum Jelly as lube is perfect for several positions because of its almost oil like and gives superior slickness


Suggestions if you want to use Petroleum Jelly 

#100% Pure White Petroleum Jelly – 500 g

#Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, Original 13 oz

Disadvantages of Petroleum Jelly as lube

  • Petroleum Jelly helps to growth yeast infections
  • Petroleum Jelly is not condom and sex toys compatible
  • It breaks down polyurethane and latex
  • Petroleum Jelly as lube can break the condoms quickly may be within few minutes
  • Petroleum Jelly has linked with bacterial vaginosis and bacterial vaginosis linked with inflammatory disease of pelvic

Our Straight Answer about This Question:

Answer: Don’t Use Petroleum jelly As Lube

So what the alternate of Vaseline/ petroleum jelly as lube:

If you are not is hurry. It is the best to avoid Vaseline for sexual lubrication. If you want to risk-free. We strongly suggest below 2 products for you.

Top 2 alternatives recommended by us

1)  Passion Lubes, Natural Water-based Lubricant:
passion-lubes-natural-water-based-lubricantsPassion Lube is the best alternative lubricant for your sexual enjoyment. This lube is natural water based lubricant. When you want to more sticky free, slippery and smooth sex then this is the best products for you. This lube is free of parabens, glycerin, petrochemicals, and other harmful ingredients. If you have sensitive skin this passion lube is for you. You can washes off with soap and water.

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  • You can use it with the condom and all kind of sex toy.
  • Free from paraben and glycerin
  • Easy to wash.
  • Silk and smooth.
  • Proper information of products.
  • Best in the market


  • Has to be used in sufficient amounts.
  • Dries out in 1 hour.

2) Astroglide Personal Lubricant:

astroglideWhen you use petroleum jelly this product is another best alternative products is for you. This lube is made your sex virginal dryness free, moisture free. This formula is ph adjusted. Which help you to long time sexual fun. Some couple of drop enhances your sex pleasure. Ingredients of this lube are purified water, glycerin, propylene glycol, polyquaternium 15, methylparaben, propylparaben.


  • Risk free lube.
  • Long lasting and compatible with the condom.
  • Extra Slick.
  • Proper information.
  • Water proof  lubricants.


  • Not for oral sex.

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Questions and answers of using Petroleum Jelly

Here I am giving some examples of using Petroleum Jelly as lube and users what thinks by taking those from us, go ask Alice, quora and yahoo answers. Check those questions and answers below –

Question 01:  Can you use petroleum jelly as anal lube?

Answer: No, You should not use petroleum jelly as anal lube. For Anal sex, you must need careful about that because of it, not the Virgina it’s all about the anus. Our anus is more sensitive than our vagina. For you little mistake, you sex life become horrible and you feel unpleasure. For make anal sex more pleasure we make a guideline for you. Check out post-Best Anal Lube for sex.

Question 02: Is It safe to have sexual intercourse using petroleum jelly as a lubricant?



Petroleum Jelly as Lube

Question 03: Is it safe to use petroleum jelly as lube?




Petroleum Jelly as Lube

Question 04:  Petroleum jelly- good or bad as lube for condoms?



Petroleum Jelly as Lube

Petroleum Jelly as Lube

The ultimate outcome

Actually Petroleum Jelly as lube is not the best choice to use for lubrication. Where silicone based lubricants provide same types of long lasting and slippery experience of sex. But, if you use water based lubricant it will help you to get natural sex and does not the reason to happen of yeast infections.

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