Spermicidal lube is a contraceptive substance that wrecks sperm, embedded vaginally before sex to counteract pregnancy. As a contraceptive, spermicidal lube might be utilized alone as personal lubricant. Spermicidal lube is accessible in various structures, containing creams, suppositories, film, foams, and gels. It is constantly utilized with the stomach and cervical top.

There are numerous couples that essentially don’t have confidence in utilizing condoms as a layer of assurance against pregnancy. Admittedly, condoms do give some kind of a hindrance amid intercourse. In any case, while it might feel that way, it is by a wide margin, the best, the most helpful, and the most favored preventative today. What’s more, the mystery why a few condoms draw near to 99% adequacy is the spermicidal lube that it accompanies.

Our Recommendation to get best spermicidal lube

Spermicidal lubes are foams or gels in maximum cases that contain chemicals that can slaughter or harm sperms. Such concoction is called nonoxynol-9, which can likewise go about as a vaginal oil. Be that as it may, while this concoction can murder sperms, it doesn’t give any assurance against sexually transmitted maladies.

These lubes can really work without a condom, despite the fact that the dangers of getting pregnant or gaining sexually transmitted infections are higher. At the point when utilized alone, spermicidal lubes are viewed as the most incapable preventative technique when contrasted with every one of the others accessible today. Well-being is additionally a worry with regards to utilizing them. A few ladies get chafed by the substance it is made with.

Best spermicidal lube review

Below I am giving reviews about spermicidal lube which will help you to select which personal lube is best for you. Check with your jaundiced eye below –

Spermicidal water based personal lubricant

Spermicidal water based personal lubricantOur intuition:

Trimensa Pharmaceuticals Prepair this spermicidal lube based on water with 2.4 fluid ounce. This water based spermicidal lubricant is condom compatible. Also you can clean it easily with water. Spermicidal water based lube made with 1% nonoxynol, it is non-staining water soluble moisturizing and washes off by water where you will not face any sorts of side effects on your skin. This spermicidal lubricant are not too sticky and not too runny.

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Leg up:

  • It’s compatible with condom
  • Easy to clean with water
  • Non-staining
  • Nonoxynol
  • Water soluble moisturizing
  • Not sticky


  • Not too longer

A spermicidal lube should be embedded inside the vagina, albeit a few sorts require an alternate strategy for application. Make certain to peruse the name before utilizing it. The lubes require somewhere in the range of 10 minutes for it to spread out inside the vagina so don’t participate in intercourse quickly. Similarly, it may be powerful up to 1 hour after insertion.

How Spermicidal Lube is Working?

Spermicidal Lube keep pregnancy by keeping sperm from joining with an egg. Spermicides are embedded profound into the vagina in the blink of an eye before intercourse. They

  • obstruct the cervix, so sperm can’t achieve an egg
  • keep sperm from moving, so they can’t join with an egg

Spermicidal Lubricant Chart

Conceptrol-Contraceptive-GelOptions Conceptrol Contraceptive GelSpermicidal Lube$$4.1 out of 5 (131 Reviews)
Trojan-enz-CondomTrojan-enz Spermicidal Lube$$4.1 out of 5 (64 Reviews)
Gynol-VaginalContraceptive-GelOptions Gynol VaginalContraceptive Gel Spermicidal Lube$3.7 out of 5 (87 Reviews)
VCF-Dissolving-Vaginal-Contraceptive-FilmVCF Dissolving Vaginal Contraceptive FilmSpermicidal Lube$$$3.2 out of 5 (18 Reviews)
Green-Contraceptive-GelContraGel Green Contraceptive GelSpermicidal Lube$$$4.5 out of 5 (9 Reviews)
Mine-Couples-LubricantK-Y Yours + Mine Couples LubricantSpermicidal Lube$$3.5 out of 5 (336 Reviews)
Trojan-Ribbed-Spermicidal-Lubricant-CondomsTrojan Ribbed Spermicidal LubricantSpermicidal Lube$$
Water-Based-Lubricant-Bundle2 Pack Contragel Green Contraceptive GelSpermicidal Lube$$$$$$2 out of 5 (2 Reviews)
Encare Vaginal Contraceptive InsertsBlairex Blairex Encare Vaginal ContraceptiveSpermicidal Lube$
Pleasure-enhancing-Lubricant-TingleDurex Play Pleasure-enhancing LubricantSpermicidal Lube$$$$

Effectiveness of Spermicidal Lube

Capability is a vital and basic concern while picking an anti-conception medication system. Like all conception prevention techniques, spermicide is more powerful when you utilize it accurately.

  • In the event that ladies dependably utilize spermicide as coordinated, 15 out of 100 will get to be pregnant every year.
  • In the event that ladies don’t generally utilize spermicide as coordinated, 29 out of 100 will get to be pregnant every year.
  • At the point when utilized alone, spermicide is not exceptionally powerful. You can make it more compelling in the event that you additionally utilize a female condom.
  • Your accomplice can offer you some assistance with using so as to make spermicide more powerful a latex condom or hauling out before discharge.
  • In any case, regardless of the possibility that you don’t utilize another strategy alongside spermicide, your shot of getting pregnant is a great deal not exactly on the off chance that you utilize no conception prevention by any means.
  • Remember that spermicidal lube can’t diminish the danger of sexually transmitted contamination’s. Use latex or female condoms to decrease the danger of disease.

Is it safe to use spermicidal lube?

Most ladies can utilize spermicide securely. A few individuals are oversensitive to spermicides or get skin disturbances from them. In the event that a spermicide aggravates your vagina or your accomplice’s penis, you may take a stab at evolving brands.

How Can I Use Spermicidal Lube?

Every type of spermicide is utilized as a part of a somewhat diverse way. Make certain to peruse the directions that are incorporated into the bundling. Ensure you read and comprehend them before you utilize any of these items. On the off chance that you don’t utilize the spermicide as guided, it will be less viable.

When all is said in done, embedding spermicide is simple. You will rest or squat, then delicately embed the spermicide profound into your vagina utilizing your fingers or an implement.

For some sorts of preventative creams, film, froths, gels, and suppositories, you have to hold up 10 minutes after you embed the spermicide before you can have sex. These techniques commonly stay compelling for stand out hour after insertion. You have to embed more spermicide every time you have vaginal intercourse.

Ladies ought not douche, unless they are advised to by a medicinal services supplier. On the off chance that you do douche, don’t douche until 6-8 hours after intercourse.

Benefits of Using Spermicidal Lube:

Utilizing spermicide is basic and helpful. When you figure out how, embedding the spermicide is simple. Ladies like spermicide on the grounds that

  • It can be conveyed in your pocket or satchel.
  • It can be embedded by an accomplice as a component of sex play.
  • It doesn’t affect a lady’s normal hormones.
  • It is anything but difficult to get — in drugstores and a small number of shops.
  • It doesn’t necessitate a solution.
  • It can be utilized amid breastfeeding.

Drawbacks of Spermicidal lube

Spermicidal Lube has a few drawbacks those are given below –

  • If not utilized precisely as coordinated, spermicides may not shape a decent hindrance over the cervix. This might make the spermicide less compelling.
  • A few ladies gripe that spermicides are untidy or that they spill from their vaginas.
  • Spermicide might chafe the penis or vagina. Exchanging brands might take care of this issue.
  • Nonoxynol-9: The most usually utilized spermicide as a part of the U.S. is called nonoxynol-9. Nonoxynol-9 has certain dangers. In the event that it is utilized all the time, or on the off chance that it is utilized by individuals at danger for HIV, it might disturb tissue and expand the danger of HIV and other sexually transmitted contamination.