Silicone based lubricant always last longer than water based sex lubes. To get durable sex life and slippery feelings of sex need to use silicone lube. I have paid few days to make testing and research on different kinds of personal lubricant. After that I am writing for Swiss Navy Silicone lubricant which provides long lasting and pleasurable sexual movement.

Actually Silicone based lubricants are slippery, soft and compatible with latex condoms. If you are tried before water based lubricants, may you searching for silicone based lube. In that case my suggestion is Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lubricant. In spite of the fact that few females are irritated by silicone, it was not the situation for me when I utilized the Premium silicone lube. In the event that your woman parts are not sensitive you will love this silicone based lube. A Swiss Navy silicone sex lube has the capability of saving your sexless relationship or marriage.

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Also, you know, as well, on the off chance that you’ve read my different reviews on this site reviews section, the amount of a mark I am for some great container outline. Pump bottles, similar to Swiss Navy appears to support, are amazing. They’re particularly convenient in the room when you’ve just got one hand available to you. Indeed, even the most modest size of this lube (2 oz.) has a pump top! Yeah!

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Our intuition to Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant

At first I have to say, Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant having the standard in present market. Thought this standard i didn’t decided to buy it, I just checked their making formula where they used highest grade silicone and vitamin E which provides velvety and silky feelings beyond compare by other lubricants. This lube enhances the satisfaction of sex because of long lasting formula. Also perfect to use and make comfortable sexual experience for post and peri menopausal women. Actually Swiss Navy silicone lubricant made with quality silicone materials. Since the superiority and quality is now guaranteed, your woman will in all likelihood adore the making formula. She might not have soreness or irritation as the silicon grade utilized for this lube is the most noteworthy quality realistic.

Why we attracted to use Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant?

  • We can use it with condoms because of it is compatible with latex condoms and sex toys too.
  • For the duration of foreplay also we can make use of it as bonus.
  • Swiss Navy lubricant is ingestible. So, i can use it to make blow jobs greatly by my partner.
  • I can use it safely with toys thought it silicone lube. Most of the silicone lubes are not compatible with toys but
  • Swiss Navy Silicone is different.
  • To prevent spill accidents it provides leak proof locking pump.
  • Swiss Navy lube is Non-sticky, soft and smooth.
  • Until me and my partner’s satisfaction it does not dried up.

Ingredients used to make Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant

This Swiss Navy lube only contains 3 ingredients:

  • Dimethicone
  • Tocopheryl Acetate and
  • Cyclopentasiloxane

Here Dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane are lubricating silicones. But the Tocopheryl Acetate is skin conditioning and antioxidant agent. Possibly it is the sex lube ingredients which assist to get silky and soft feelings of sex life. But few people make complain against Tocopheryl Acetate because they faced mild allergy. So, if you face the problem of mild allergy, this is not the cause of silicone it could the problem of Tocopheryl Acetate.

Is the Swiss Navy lube non-staining?

Yes, it is non-staining. I know before to buy this Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lubricants, you may want to know, is it stains on sheets and clothes or not. Until excessive use of this Swiss Navy Silicone lubricant it will not be the cause of residues or stains. But I found few users use this sex lube on skin to add to its prettiness and shine. Where one of the users applies this Swiss Navy lube on skin before running sex and this user never faces intractable socks or stains. If stains you can remove it with white vinegar, if stains it does not notice till it’s dry out.

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Why Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant is perfect for you?

Condom producers have been utilizing silicone lubes for quite a long time with respect to their pre-greased up condoms, however as of late lube makers began offering silicone based lubes independently because of its extra advantages in helping erotic sensitivity or sexual intercourse. Silicone has likewise been utilized for quite a long time as a part of other individual consideration items, for example, body care and hair care to include the glint, smooth and silky feelings. As the common people ages, there is an awesome need items accessible that can ease the manifestations of maturing and add to more noteworthy individual closeness. Silicone lube also you can use as best anal lube. That’s why Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lubricant is perfect to do this. It is perfect for postmenopausal women and help with sensitive tissues which dry out.

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How to make best use of Swiss Navy lubricant?

When discussion comes about silicon lube, reapplication is scarcely ever required. In any case, you may think that it’s important to reapply in any event twice while a more extended sex session. In the case of water based lube you need to apply all over again in each 10 to 15 minutes. Numerous couples discover various applications a major turn off during sex. Where lot of users has discovered is that Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lubricant stays longer without dry up and sticky. It is intense than most lubes that declare to be silicone lube. In general, this lube is usable with toys the length of the divinely selected individuals are perfect with silicon lubes.

As you gone through the reviews written on Swiss Navy Silicone lubricant, consider your accomplice and you will have an extraordinary affair. Ideally, definitely you love this silicone lube as I do. The best way to be acquainted with how it functions is to buy your own silicone lube first and start to utilize it. Try not to rush to judge the item however. Use it for some time and afterward you will know how precisely it functions.

There are few users, who just can’t contrast this Swiss Navy sex lube with whatever other they have utilized and we can’t either. So, on the off chance that you are insistent to change your sexual coexistence we propose you to try it.

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Benefits of using Swiss Navy Silicone lube

  • Long lasting and slippery performance as it is silicone based lube
  • Leak proof bottle
  • Highest grade silicone
  • Without hurting it make sure to glide penis and silky, smooth experience
  • It is compatible with sex toys
  • You can use it with latex condoms during sex
  • Extremely slick
  • Powerful and thick


  • As I used it, I don’t have any complaints but few users said sometimes it gets sticky.

Safety Tips

Please keep the bottle out of reach for kids and better to keep away from eyes.

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Consider before buy Swiss navy lubricant

  • At first search on Google to find best seller online
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which compatible with you or not?

Reviews in video how to Demonstration it.

  1. Swiss Navy Silicone Lube Demonstration guide

 Amazon customer reviews

Amazon Customer review on Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant

The Ultimate Outcome

As I am the user of this Swiss Navy Silicone lubricant, it has much viscosity and I can say it provides last longer sexual performance, also compatible with toys and latex condoms. It just glided my penis and gives me silky and smooth experience of sex.

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