Wet lubricants are the excellent choice in silicone based lube category. If you would like to appreciate sex every time you have it? On the off chance that you need intercourse to be fun, your sex partner and you should first figure out where the issue is. It could that your female feels irritation or sufferings in the course of sexual intercourse, and this have meddled with her libido. Perhaps you both don’t feel as keen on sex as you did previously.

The wet lubricants will take care of most issues gave that the reason for poor sex is for the most part of physical or passionate. The Wet lubricant is an extraordinary sex lube for couples who need to enhance their sexual movement. This personal lubricant will keep her sufficiently slippery to endure infiltration and insistent as it will evacuate friction and vaginal dryness.

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Our intuition on Wet lubricants

Wet lubricants is the brand of personal lubricants which manufactured by Wet International, Trigg Laboratories in California. This laboratories produce variety of silicone based wet lubricants. Actually Wet International started to produce Wet Lubricants because during sex most of the time condoms are more likely to break without the use of sex lubricants. If condom breaks than have the possibility to transfer HIV and getting pregnancy. But this sex lubricant also gives slippery and enjoyable sexual movement.

The best product of Wet lubricants is Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant which is silicone based. To produce this Wet Platinum Premium Silicone Lubricant they used grade 5 silicone, this is purest on 1 to 5 scale of silicone grade. So, this pure silicone lube will not break down in water and giving last longer performance during sex. If you love sexual fun you can use this Wet lubricants in hot tub or shower.

Our recommendation to get best Wet lubricants

The thing I cherish the most is the way that my Wet Platinum Premium lubricant leaves my skin feeling sleek and saturated or moisturized for whatever length of time that we need. What’s more, this implies I just feel sweetness rather than torment as he coasts it all through me. Following the time when my sex partner purchased this silicone gel we can have sex more regularly than we did some time recently.

Our intercourse sessions additionally last more these days as I don’t need to solicit him to prevent in light of the fact that from torment or distress as I did before he brought this sex lube. In addition, I have noticed that he has turned into a more satisfied man as a result of getting consistent sex. On the off chance that you are no more personal, you could utilize Wet Platinum Premium silicone gel as we did.

Safety tips of using Wet lubricants

Wet lubricants is the doctor recommended personal silicone based lubricant, You can get assurance that Wet silicone lubricants will not harm. So many couples around the world using this silicone based wet lubricant for the reason of that recommended by the doctor. But follow some tips below which will keep safe you.

  1. You have to stop using this product, if you feel irritation or discomfort by any chance during sex
  2. If the tamper evidence seal is removed or broken, it is potential this silicone lube will perform poorly.
  3. Keep this silicone lube out of eyes and ears
  4. This Wet lubricants use only in private parts
  5. Keep this lube out of reach for children
  6. Sometimes silicone lube may cause for persistent stains on fabric. So better, before use test an area
  7. Don’t put it near an open flash
  8. Don’t use it with other silicone based lube
  9. These silicone based Wet lubricants contain parabens, Demethiconol, Demethicone and Cyclomethicone. Which are harmful for health.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Wet lubricants


  • Don’t need multiple application during sex because it is based on grade 5 silicone formula
  • You can use it to diminish friction and vaginal dryness for the duration of sex
  • Wet lubricants does not have unsafe components
  • Silicone based Wet lubricants always giving slippery feel than water based lube
  • Long lasting performance than other lubricant
  • Non-sticky and make skin soft and moisturized
  • Wet lubricants which based on Gel and Water also don’t to make multiple application


  • The Silicone based Wet lubricants can be the cause of irritation for women, who have sensitive skin. Because of it contains parabens.

Wet Lube Reviews

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant 3.1 oz

This Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant is manufactured in USA and based on silicone formula. This resembles a super lube. This lube made with slickest material that I have eternally bring into being. Doesn’t gel up or become dry. No traps or tricks here. It doesn’t warm up when you blow on it. It doesn’t make her any hornier. This lube is not flavored. It’s out and out smooth. Easy to cleans up with water. It doesn’t stain bed sheets.

The cost is all around defended by the outcomes. My partner and I have attempted pretty much every brand or kind of lube out there including some that sold as lubes and do to a medicinal condition with her bladder a significant number of them chafe her. She adores this one. It doesn’t hurt her by any means, inside or out. Performs a platinum item ought to. So, this Wet lubricants you cause for better feelings during sex. Be careful to use it when you have sensitive vaginal skin, in that case i suggest use any place first than go ahead.

Wet Original Gel Based Lubricant – All Sizes (10.6 oz (2 Pack))

This Wet lubricants based on Gel which is tested and formulated rendering the pick level standards of industry. This lube is completely condom compatible. The most important feature is that, this Wet original gel lubricant is doctor recommended. This lube will provide you silky smooth experience of sexual movement. This Wet lubricant provides long lasting performance for the duration of sex. This lube making formula is preferable who want more gel based lubricant and viscous. It’s never sticky. This is very slick; when I used it my girlfriend was happy. Wet gel lubricant provides original fragrance which is neutral. This will come to you with a nice big bottle. Hurry up to get this sex lube for getting best pleasant movement of sex.

The ultimate outcome

So far, as the silicone based lube we only suggest to using Wet lubricants, because of non-sticky, soft and safe personal lubricant.

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